About Us

Credence Integrated Marketing Private Limited specializes in innovative Below the Line (BTL) Marketing Solutions, catering to the business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) segments. Credence offers data-driven marketing solutions that transform businesses with actionable insights across SMEs, Large Corporates & MNCs.

With a 360 degree view of customer information created by a unique combination of technology and business intelligence, we enable our customers to turn information into intelligence thereby, enhancing brand equity and improving RoI.


Over 40 years of combined leadership and a proven track-record of setting up and managing data-centric Direct Marketing Solutions.

Technology - The Driver

We offer one-stop Data & Campaign Management Solutions through our proprietary Online Integrated Marketing Application, OptimaX.

Connecting with Insights

With our comprehensive data profiling, we offer insights on Firmographics and Demographics that help you acquire and retain customers.

Our Vision

To be the leaders in offering data-driven marketing solutions powered by technology &
       analytics that transform data into profitability.

Our Mission

All our thoughts and activities are the reflections of our three-fold Mission -

  • Achieve excellence through Service & Quality
  • Create actionable Business Insights driving Market Penetration
  • Drive Partnerships through Client Engagement

Our Values

We are sincere in our efforts to make a difference united by common shared values. At Credence, our values drive everything
we do -


We believe in transparency - We seek integrity in our people and ensure that the same is extended to our stakeholders be it our customers, partners or vendors!


Our People are the most valuable asset and it is they who bring value to Credence. Every person and every idea counts. We provide an environment that encourages entrepreneurial spirit by empowering our People to take complete ownership for inclusive growth.


We are focussed on addressing specific needs of our customers through continuous engagement that creates and delivers value consistently.


Our passion for data continuously drives us towards Can this be done? How can we do it better?
Such and many questions are the everyday
motivation for our team at Credence.

In a dynamic environment where consumer behaviour evolves everyday, Credence offers the commitment of supporting you in growing your businesses seamlessly. We partner with you to connect & understand your customers better.