Campaign Services

With ever-changing consumer behaviour, connecting with right prospects at the right time is crucial for driving successful Direct Marketing Campaigns. To engage with right prospects, one needs to deploy strategically designed integrated marketing platform for managing and measuring effectiveness of campaigns.

We, at Credence, follow a customer-centric approach to drive campaigns that engage prospect audience by creating awareness and generating interest. We address everything from target audience identification to execution to campaign analysis; improving sales performance and profitability.

Credence Campaign Services pivot around-

  • Reaching out to right set of prospects
  • Using right marketing channel at right time
  • Generating desired responses
  • Flexibility in Communication, Audience and Scheduling
  • Tracking & Integrating responses

Our proprietary Online Integrated Marketing Application, OptimaX, provides you with a one-stop view to plan and manage your campaigns with a click of button.

Credence Campaign Services leverage expertise, processes & technology to create customer-centric solutions that help you connect with your prospects on one-on-one basis; thereby, increasing your profitability and market share

What do we do?

We create interactive marketing campaigns by applying business intelligence skills and expertise to generate quality responses.

We facilitate end-to-end process of engaging with target audience throughout the customer acquisition and management cycle; right from creating awareness to generating interest, while tracking and measuring their responses continuously.

How we do it?

We deploy our business intelligence, technology, robust infrastructure and trained resources to put your marketing strategy in action.

Our suite of Direct Marketing Activities include -

Demand Generation - Generate quality leads to enhance conversion from prospect pipelineAudience Generation - Generate right Target Audience for your events

Response Centre Services - Streamlining, Organizing & Tracking Inbound communicationMailer Campaigns - Connect with customers through Emailer& Direct Mailer Campaigns