Demand Generation

In the businesses where resources are limited, increasing efficiency contributes to the profitability. To optimize efficiencies, organizations are exploring new & better ways to make the Prospect Conversion process shorter. Leveraging its innate Data and Contact Centre competencies, Credence Demand Generation offers actionable leads, thus, improving prospect conversion ratio.

Why Us?

We provide channel and execution expertise for your Demand Generation Campaigns across Traditional and Online channels.

Traditional Mode:

We execute complete demand generation activity for you across contact centre, electronic mailing and direct mailing platforms to inform, educate and engage the target audience with your offerings. With organized data-driven approach and Contact Centre Capabilities, we generate high quality leads, thus, optimizing process of Prospect Conversion. Progress of your campaign is tracked and monitored throughout the execution; in consultation with you.

Online Mode:

Our Online Integrated Marketing Application, OptimaX allows you to seamlessly execute your demand generation campaigns using data from multiple sources, independently.

Our in-house Contact Centre with dedicated team of trained professionals and infrastructure is fully equipped to effectively plan, design and execute your marketing campaigns. This enables you to maintain complete control over the processes, thereby, effectively measuring the performance and maintaining quality of campaigns.

Lead Qualification

With increasing complexities and channels, the process of acquiring and further retaining the customers grows bigger and more complex. This increases resource investment in Customer Acquisition process. It is, thereby, imperative to set up a process of filtering actionable leads.

Understanding the prospect profile, Credence offers customized end-to-end solutions that integrate the leads received from different channels based on a set of common qualifying parameters. The prospects that are qualified based on their budget, authority, need, duration are more result-oriented and actionable, thereby, minimizing the efforts to acquire them as customers.

Demand Generation acts as a bridge between Marketing & Sales initiatives with focussed campaigns that identify quality profiled leads to maximize Conversion process.