Data Audit & Analysis

To implement data-centric approach, it is critical to have complete and accurate data. We assess your existing data - studying it, measuring it, proofing it, analysing it. All of this to transform the organizational data into consolidated intelligence that caters to your marketing needs.

We begin with reviewing your data to identify mandatory and critical data elements of your business processes. We take stock of existing data elements and identify new elements that are relevant. With data elements evaluated, we measure this data quantitatively for its population and availability. This data is then analysed qualitatively to determine its effectiveness and usability. We match your data with our Data Repository to identify the level of data decay as well as data penetration.

Why Audit?

  • To understand existing condition of your data
  • To identify and report gaps in Data
  • To define the action plan for improving data quality

Our Data Audit & Analysis Services help you identify the gaps in the data against requirements, thereby, define the action plan to improve data quality.