Data Management Services

"Data is the essence of Direct Marketing"

In today’s dynamic business world, many organizations are constrained by time and resources to harness the value of data assets for its intended use. Unfit data impacts not only the effectiveness of marketing efforts but also the bottom-line. Well-managed data provides competitive edge by helping you acquire, retain and maximize profitability of your customer relationships.

Our suite of customer-centric data solutions combine Insights with Technology that helps you to improve effectiveness of your data for optimum performance by ensuring -

  • Relevant data is centrally available
  • Data is organized in a way that provides actionable business insights
  • Data is continually enriched to add to the business intelligence.

We help you create a powerful marketing infrastructure with our data and Online Integrated Marketing Platform, OptimaX that provides detailed insights for optimum performance and measurably improves RoI.

With comprehensive profiled data and data management skills, we help you plan, execute & monitor your Direct Marketing Campaigns on a continuous basis for maximizing returns from your Marketing Investments.

What do we do?

Every business has its unique processes and hence their data requirements & usage are unique. We, at Credence, help you to create a data infrastructure that enables you to convert data into strategic business providing -

  • Sourcing & Business Intelligence
  • Rationalization & Enhancement
  • Accurate and complete Data

Our customized solutions are developed with an organized approach that journeys through entire Data Life Cycle.

How we do it?

We build data intelligence that enables businesses to organize, enrich and use the data for optimum business performance. This entire process of creating and managing data is executed on three levels across the businesses -

Our Data Management Services include -

Data Audit & Analysis - Review your data to define your requirement for data solution.Data Compilation - Compile specific data to build high quality leads for your business.

Data Rationalization - Make your data organized, efficient and pertinent.Data Enrichment - Enhance your data by populating and/or adding information to your database.

Data Maintenance - Maintain & create processes to control data decay.Data Operations Outsourcing - Dedicated on-site Data Operations Support for your processes & campaigns.