Prospect Identification

With resource management being increasingly emphasized, marketing professionals have to justify the marketing investments. Thus, it becomes imperative to focus on right side of prospects and engage with them on continuous basis to maximize the RoI.

We, at Credence, help you answer two main questions – What is the actual universe of your potential customers? And what percentage of this universe have you tapped?

Using the set of parameters you have defined for the target audience, our team of data experts study your data to establish the precise profile of prospects. We identify what more and better can our data add to your prospect pipeline by deploying our seamless repository of data. We don’t just stop there. For niche segments and ultra-specific audience, we deploy our expertise in sifting through ancillary sources of data to arrive at maximum potential the market holds. Prospects identified are indexed by each parameter of your target definition, providing a basis of segmentation of your prospects.

With Prospect Identification, we enable you to have complete view of your prospect universe as well as the untapped potential of this universe.

Data Design

In order to create an effective Organization Data Asset, relevant and significant elements of data must be structured and organized to achieve the business goals. Our three step organized approach puts together a structure for your data that helps you harness its value and deliver optimum performance.

Data Design creates a powerful Marketing infrastructure for your data enabling it to create collective intelligence and synergizes with Direct Marketing Activities that transform data into profitability.

Data Integration

Being in business implies continuous interactions between multiple internal and external stakeholders, creating wealth of business inputs.

Result? There is always data. However, there is a dearth of data for decision-making; as most of it is actually packed away in little pockets within the organization. Segregating useful data, acquiring it from each source and consolidating it into one structure; especially, within a pre-planned data design; creates a consolidated view of data for informed business decisions.

While we consult with you on Data Integration, we also provide you with a utility - Data Import Tool - that enables you to integrate your data seamlessly into a central repository transforming raw data in usable data intelligence.

Data Integration process consolidates information on prospects available with the organization to put together collective Data Intelligence with a unique Data Repository.

Data Hygiene & Grading

For a successful Direct Marketing Strategy, long term engagement of quality prospects is essential. To identify and connect with quality prospects, accurate data is must. However, like most perishables, data decays. Our Data Hygiene & Grading Services provide you with a measure to create and maintain accurate data.

We work with you to identify internal processes and challenges on critical elements of your data. Your data is, then, measured on availability of these data elements as well as their qualitative and quantitative relevance. The outdated elements identified from the database are quarantined for a corrective action, helping you keep your customer information updated and accurate.

We also provide a scientific measure to grade your data for completeness and usability. Our proprietary process of data grading provides a yard stick for measuring where we stand and tracks the progress towards achieving your data standards on continuous basis.

Our Data Hygiene & Grading process provides you a measure to continuously measure your data for quality and quantity that optimizes resource utilization, thereby, maximizing value on investments.

Data Mining

Leveraging our tools, processes and expertise, we measure performance of each process based on the transactional data. We organize, sort and study the data to establish patterns and subsequent trends that identify success factors and areas of improvement.

Data Mining identifies areas of intervention to establish synergy between resources, processes, activities and the outcome for organization.


With the data and data management processes in place, we help you derive your customer’s propensity to respond to your products, services and direct marketing campaigns by statistically analysing available data. Credence Analytics span over three categories from market to actual activities -

Market Sizing -

With a small set of actual customers, it is possible to identify market potential of their products & services. Applying the behaviour and traits of these customers to data universe and market information, to project the potential that market holds.

Market Sizing extrapolates the profile of a select client set of yours; to identify following specifics of your prospect universe -

  • How many prospects are there?
  • How are they spread geographically?
  • Who are they?

Customer Analytics -

We construct multi-dimensional consumer intelligence by consolidating, reviewing and applying advanced analytics to existing customer information. This intelligence enables brands to understand and determine the customer’s propensity to behave.

Campaign Analytics -

Data & Information on campaigns and activities are always available with organizations, regardless of the level of consolidation. We study the historical observations to derive the patterns on target audience, message & channel, time & scheduling as well as the offer. Applying predictive sciences to this historical information, we establish relevance and degree of receptivity and responsivenessto future marketing campaigns. This equips you with information and insight to plan better.

Data Analytics helps effective planning of future activities while empowering marketing managers with informed decision-making capabilities; there by, maximizing RoI.