Data Manager

Data is a critical organizational asset. Many organizations are constrained by availability of right skill sets, data security policies and required tools and techniques, to manage and maintain data quality and derive its full potential for its intended use.

Data Manager, our proprietary Data Management Tool, helps organizations to address these constraints and manage their data efficiently and independently. Data Manager packs powerful utilities that enable you to identify, correct and prevent data defects resulting in improved data quality, better informed decision and reduced costs.

These utilities include De-duplicator | Data Normalizer | Data Integrator


Data de-duplication utility segregates the redundancies and repetitions in the database to create a unique data repository.

When it helps?

  • Data is constantly added to repository from multiple sources
  • Two or more files are being integrated for data consolidation
  • Organizing voluminous data into a unique data repository

Data Normalizer

Data Cleansing & Normalization utility uses industry data standards and customized inputs to clean and standardize your data.

When it helps?

  • Maintaining a consistent data repository to maximise usability
  • Eliminate redundant information
  • Enriching data with rule-based intelligence

Data Integrator

Data Integrator utility provides the facility to import the data in multiple forms and formats onto a pre-designed data structure. This tool also matches two or more data sets for duplicates; ensuring that the imported records are unique.

When it helps?

  • Multiple sources of data are funnelled into central data repository
  • Specific data is collected from third-party data sources
  • Repository has to be enhanced with intra-organizational data

Data Manager is deployed within your infrastructure with an option to be accessed by your designated users or our Data Experts on your behalf.

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